Everyone Travels Around the World… ?

Everyone travels around the world… ?
Tourists at the historical town of La Laguna. Photo: Tourism Tenerife.
And a few years ago caused a media frenzy one study that made Teresa Grain and Maria Jos© Moral of data FAMILITUR which extracted the headline: €One in every ten Spaniards had never left his province.€ At that time (2009) I had with Professor Manuel Santana Turgeon (ULL) a small work on inequalities in tourism consumption, drawing on data from a survey of a sample of the Spanish population held at the IESA-CSIC for Andalusian. After much struggle, that work has just been published in the journal STEPS entitled €tourism consumption and social inequality in Spain “and I intend to tell some of their results.
Among the different media picked up the story and were consulted our opinion, has stuck me wonder several journalists to the “disturbing” fact that there were people who had never made a tourist trip or in the course of one year, around half of the Spanish population was not traveling. To this must be added an apparent paradox, since it showed us that FAMILITUR tourist travel Spaniards reached a huge volume: more than 700 million “trips”! (I’ve quoted here because FAMILITUR travel also accounts for the repeated trips to second homes). How many trips were possible if there were not so many people traveling and the social norm seemed to be making one or two trips a year? The obvious explanation was that there was a group that made many trips and pulled the half, but soon discovered that the problem was more complicated.
First, for those traveling without various reasons for not doing so. We tend to assume (and surprise of those journalists reflected this social prejudice) that whoever is staying because he cannot do: think that traveling is a universal need, but not everyone can afford it. The reality is that our data indicated that money was not the only reason not to travel because of lack of time or physical, mental or family conditions also affected. But it’s also no small part of our respondents who had not traveled in the past year indicated reasons indicating a rejection of the trip (I do not like to travel) or preference for activities other than tourism.
The following table shows the range of reasons that initially collected and classified according to how they did not want to believe (232 respondents) or could not (443) travel. As you can see, almost one in three people who do not travel do not because they cannot, then not everyone wants to go.
Moreover, we found that among those who traveled there were also important differences. In qualitative studies we knew prior to the prominence of a social norm of consumption unwritten prescribing one or two trips a year (summer and Easter or Christmas) and the creation of a new mode of tourism consumption which prescribed an increased travel, shorter and different places. It was the common place of tourism gurus in the past decade: everyone is going to travel more often to different places and do different things during their travels. At that time we ask: everyone? Who is actually traveling that way now? That led us to measure (estimate) what percentage of people traveled three or more times a year and find out if these people had some characteristic sociological features.
I’ll have to leave the second question for a future post about segmentation and focus on one key issue: how distributed (or shared) tourist travel between traveling? As shown in the table below, only 21% of respondents traveling 3 or more times a year, but this group came to perform 72.4% of all trips by Spaniards. Consequently, frequent flyer announcing the “new” way of tourism consumption only accounted for one fifth of the Spanish population in a time when the crisis had barely taken their toll. Subsequently, as shown FAMILITUR well know our hotel, the reduction in the number of trips of Spanish has been particularly dramatic.

Why Travel Around the World?

The world has much to teach and we have much to learn. Travel around the globe to bask in the experiences of new cultures and truly understand the diversity that surrounds us! But why, you ask? Here’s a feeble attempt to enlighten you with its perks!
It’s Stimulating – Travel and vacationing to all corners of the world will simply make you a more well rounded individual. Stimulate your senses with new environments and untouched experiences!
Etch an everlasting memory – You don’t just book the perfect holiday package, you become a part of new beginnings and friendship. People you meet while on the road will probably be the most valued contacts in your address book. Entitle yourself to a new and refreshed perspective of things, where friends made through travel give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle.
Secret skills take shape – Vacations bring out the best in you. A family holiday might make you discover untouched bonds between your loved ones. Vacation resorts might uncover the adventurer in you, which you thought never existed! It’s all about discovering yourself. Climb a mountain, cross a gorge or dine at a local restaurant to reveal your true inner identity.
Learn a new language – International vacation resorts are the best way to influence you with multi linguistic talents. A world which is not bound by common tongue! Isn’t it satisfying when, you can say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in Thai, throw around a few words in Greek or hear a language you didn’t know existed?
Experience diversity – Globalization may have brought the world closer but there is still a lot to be learnt firsthand. Family vacations around the world will teach you about the world’s geography and present you to places you never knew existed. Grab a map and find your way through a Jungle in Peru or navigate the alleys of Marrakech! Remember, not all those who wander are lost.
It’s all about adventure – Life is all about the adventures you risk! The need for adventure is hardwired into human beings; travelling lets you tap it. It is our most primeval desire.
The perfect getaway – A great holiday package can be an ideal way to separate the various life stages, especially if you happen to be between jobs and relationships. Vacation let you unwind and create new stories in the walk of life!
The challenge – want something refreshing and different to do in your mundane life? Is the every day trip to the dry cleaner not interesting enough? How about booking the best safari resort package and capturing a picture of a Lion?
A new thing to do – Monotony eventually gets to even the most stable of minds. It’s good to do something new every once in a while. A holiday package can be the perfect solution!
Exotic foods – the way to a humans heart, is through their stomachs! Experience new tastes and flavors with diversified and authentic cuisine!
It’s easier than you think – Travel tours now make your global vacations a lot easier and affordable with great deals on holiday packages and family vacation resorts!

6 Facts That Will Make You Travel Around the World

Don’t you think that travelling around the world is the best way to have fun and to rest – both at the same time? If it doesn’t sound like truth to you, here are some facts that will make you believe it:

*It is proven that money, invested in travelling €brings€ more happiness than money invested in material things. For example, you can forget about your expensive shoes, which you bought 10 years ago, but you will always remember the view from the Eiffel Tower! What about diving in Egypt or even Jeep Safari in Kenya? Last but not least, this is also a great topic of conversation when you are out with friends. Anyone hardly will want to hear about your shoes. But if you have a story how you’ve been riding on a camel, you can tell it today, after 5 years or 50 years, and the story will always be interesting;

*Do you think lying in front of the TV or on the beach (for week or two) seems much more effective against fatigue than a short trip around the world? If yes, prepare to be surprised. Discovery of new places, emotions, culture, sports, entertainment – all of them help you to €get out€ of the reality for a while€¦better than anything else. So tiredness will disappear;

*People who travel a lot change the way they see the world. They become more tolerant, because they have learnt a lot and have convened to communicate with different races, genders, languages, nationalities, professions. So a person grows intellectually and emotionally;

*Travelling together with your soulmate will strengthen your relationship! There is a kind of routine in daily life, don’t you agree? But a trip with your beloved one, even for 2-3 days, creates a strong memory of the place and the events in this place. It is always great to have such an exciting experience;

*Journeys inspire. It is not necessarily to be poet, writer, painter or photographer, to be inspired. As you travel, you see things that provoke in you different thoughts about the meaning of life, about business, about what you do at the moment;

*Scientists claim that regular tourists have the ability to solve problems more quickly. The reason is that each trip is associated with unknown adventures, which, like it or not, happen.

If you choose to travel around the world, you will relax for sure. An unknown wise man once said: €The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only the first page of it€.

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The Best Ways To Travel Around The World

So, now you are a newly retired person and so you would be interested in making a trip around the world. Many people do this just because of the fear whether they will be able to do this after some years due to their old age. Many retired people wish to visit as many places on tour as possible just within two or three years of their retirement irrespective of whether they wish to make their trip religious, spiritual or anything for that matter. But, the problem here is the question about how to visit different locations and they also get a doubt about the way to travel around the globe. Even though, there are different options available, some are better as compared to the others for one reason or another.

Tailor-made holiday trips are the best alternative to travel around the globe. When a travel agent can make customized trips, it can really work for yourself and your spouse. The best thing about this type of package is that they include varied means of transportation. In this type of trip, there will be liberty to choose the location as per the suggestion of the touring agent.

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